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cell energy and all of them hitting 52 week highs. all thanks to to as low. the unstoppable stock. adam: the obama administration is rolling out its 2015 budget and singing the familiar tune. can use a tax hikes? cheryl: oil prices reversing course, down 4% after closing at the highest level in five months yesterday. commodity analyst matt smith and phil flynn saying get used to this volatility. the energy burrito and the mighty fallen coming up next. when does your work en does it end after you've expanded your business? after your company's gone public? and the capital's been invested? or wn your compan's bought another? is it over after you' given back? you never stop achieving. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer. dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody li
the deficit. most important of all, it is about energy independence for our country. it is about working with canada and producing energy in this country so that we get our energy here locally rather than having to get it from the middle east. that is what americans want. they want us to be energy secure in this country. to do that, we need to produce more energy like we are doing in my state of north dakota and montana across the border. movepipeline would mode -- that loyal as well as canadian oil. it is about producing oil here, or getting it from our closest friend and neighbor, canada, rather than being dependent on the middle east. classification you to have to wait on a pipeline, how safe israel transportation of these products versus pipeline transportation? is it.that we are becoming more energy secure. it is great. it is jobs and what people want. to go with that energy, we need infrastructure. that infrastructure includes pipelines as well as moving products safely by train or truck. the keystone xl will take 500 trucks a day off rose in western north dakota. it is a safety is
energy costs down whether it be in refining where he has the best chemicals to be able to get the most gasoline out of dirty oil, for instance, in the turbo which is what you need to be able to low your -- get more mileage out of each gallon. that's a very important thing. and, of course, he does the cockpits for pretty much everybody. he's done a remarkable job in honeywell, my charitable trust owns it. it's just been a gigantic winner. at one point they asked him about activism and he had a great answer when your stock goes up all the time the activists don't call. good man. >> is it your favorite industrial name? >> definitely. >> really? >> yeah dave cody is a remarkable guy, and yes, i'll admit we are next-door neighbors and he's also a terrific guy in person. >> you can't argue with what he brings to the interview and certainly with the stock as you said. we'll watch that closely along with exxon also having a -- >> yes, down. >>> in the meantime, former microsoft ceo steve ballmer giving a talk to graduate students at the university of oxford's school o
. to the extent we could impose energy sanctions on russia, understandable and effect because they rely so much but i would go one more step and say by 2020 we are expected to be the world's leading producer of energy and there's talk about exporting natural gas, we need to make it clear we need to start planning for the long game and we will have natural gas with allies that reliance on russian gas to be accountable. stuart: it is all about energy, isn't it? a lot of europe is supplied with natural gas, a lot of that comes through ukraine and from russia. therefore, there is a limit to a and forbid its natural gas to get into europe. the europeans will never look at that. stuart: we have to take into account the effect this will have on their economy, doing things that will affect their allies may not be beneficial but if the president came out today, he won't but if he came out today and said we are an energy powerhouse we are committing that in ten years we have great contract with our allies that would scare the russians. vladimir putin does things with long hall and he knows is only play i
, this will be a forum to show competing issues. but the republicans will offer general bills on taxes, trade, energy, regulatory curbs. pointing outl be the upbeat economic outlooks after all of these showdowns. >> we know congressional hearings on the budget begin ron wyden. what do you expect to hear on that? >> talking about leaving room for more priorities. heen is new to the panel and has his own ideas on tax policy. forum, it is a for them -- for airing out ideas. you will not see the senate democrats doing their own budget plan because they feel the agreement already put the spending caps in place. meanwhile, house republicans will have their plan pitted against their blueprints and that is the opening salvo, shall we say. >> house republicans met and talked about alternatives to the health care law and there is a bill scheduled on the house floor on the individual mandates. what about that bill and current republican strategy? they've moved away from just trying to repeal it. same effect of the bill they passed last year and they are giving relief from the overhaul and causing them to delay
and energy that that private company has brought to the afghan media scene -- more about that in a minute. they are not the only ones. there are something like 75 television stations and 175 radio stations. either normal sleeve vigorous, varied conversation going on on the airways and in afghanistan. largest but be the it is one of many. that is a notable piece of media landscape. the third thing is as an embassy thecial i went around country and often visited tiny in villages and small towns around afghanistan. there are a lot of them. going to a one-room fm station and a small town but does not have to much going for it and you find young people at the microphone finding some way to get a little bit and music on with a basic tape recorder. in many cases the stations were help ofby locals with ngos, which is resented by some of interviews. while they run some local -- ent, maybe have another green shoot and a strong one, an important one. a varied source of strength for afghanistan going forward. we are here in this panel to discuss what i think is one of the most important advances over
broadening the energy base for the navy. how is that going? and how do you manage that? >> first it is going very well. to answer the first question it is fuel and energy is a military vulnerability particularly the way we are doing it today. i'm very glad that america is producing more oil and gas. but even if we produce all that we can use, there are two overriding factors. number one oil and gas are global commodities and the price is set globally. so, you get some instability somewhere, you get somebody threatening to close a strait somewhere, you get anything, when the price of oil went up $10 with syria syria is not a major producer but it sis the security premium that traders place on oil regardless of where it is coming from. every time the price of oil goes up a dollar a barrel it costs the navy and manner corps an additional $30 million. in 2011 and 2012 the navy was presented with an additional unbudgeted $2 billion in fall costs. well there are not many places to go get that sort of money. you can take it out fof operations. so you steam less, fly less, or if
whether to the level to buy yandex, concerned about the energy situation in germany, yeah, i mean maybe not time to pick things up. i agree with warren buffett. not hard to do, obviously, given his long-term track record. this is where you pick. you're getting a chance. he had a big sell-off friday afternoon and he kind of rallied in the last half hour. if we get those prices again at 330, count me in. count me in. >> fixing my collar here. always important that you look well in the morning when delivering and trying to opine and provide insight. >> the clothes make the man. >> of course on that note, studying up on ukraine and crimea and russia's history with it, and what khrushchev did in '54, whether he gave to them, whether thhe didn't want to dea with it. this forces money manages are to hit the history books. >> my producer, ukraine is -- actually i read the stories, warren's say, remember, 50% of the whole country is russian and the crimea is russian. so, this is kind of a -- apparently there's questions about resources and they use a lot of water in crimea. >> ukraine. >> a lot
speaker, we are in a global competition, a global race on clean energy and innovation. in our efforts to witness race and ensure our place as the kingpin of the global economy, for decades to come we must support a secure, all of the above domestic energy supply that includes both newly abundant traditional fossil fuels as well as clean renewable energy. energy such as wind, solar, biomass, hydro, nuclear, and more. we simply cannot continue to rely on a single fossil fuel to power our economy. that is not wise, long-term policy. today i would like to highlight one of these abundant job creating clean energy sources. wind energy, one way to support this critical source of energy for our nation is the federal production tax credit. the credit that keeps electricity rates low and encourages development of proven renewable energy projects. this credit expired at the end of last year, and must be retroactively extended to foster job growth and promote a greener and cleaner environment for the next generation. the p.t.c., production tax credit, also creates jobs. in my district, the capita
bilateral and multilateral interactions. energy cooperation talks were canceled. the obama administration has placed a hold on all aspects of bilateral interaction. host: is it enough to have sanctions to influence what is going on in ukraine? the economic situation in russia may be more marvel to economic pressures than most -- may be more vulnerable to economic pressure than most people think. other analysts are not so sure. the russian system is extremely opaque. not a lot of good data is coming out. they have the ability to manipulate that data. has taken the decision that whatever costs or pressure he is to suffer under, willing to take those costs. he still sees the benefits. what is the point of all this? putin, ukraine and crimea are personal issues. many russians believe that crimea is russian territory. the people there identify as russian and crimea should always be a part of russia. there is a nationalistic element , a domestic, political element. has aly, putin long-standing policy of projecting russian power. some will say it is an effort to reconstitute the soviet bloc. i t
different ways. obviously rising gas prices along with energy prices on the rise in general. already trading near the highs of the year, partly on concerns about supply disruptions with russia and ukraine. higher grain prices as well or even food prices. ukraine, remember, is a major exporter of wheat and corn. if you pair that with some of the weather issues we have been having, you could see higher sticker prices for your food. then there are american companies with direct exposure to ukraine, like accounting firm pwc. we reached out to them. they came back to us. they actually had to close offices in two different locations. they said although they were briefly closed all of pwc's offices in the ukraine are now open. there are other american companies that we found with business in ukraine. cargill, abbott labs, both no comment. adm, no significant business impact but it's monitoring. baker mckenzie, the first international law firm to open its doors in ukraine in the early '90s, they told me they are keeping an eye on this situation under constant review and employees there are allowed t
. the energy minister when asked about climate change said this -- you're not going to draw me on that. i haven't had time to get into the climate change debate. [laughter] he is the energy minister, mr. speaker. will he clarify? is a habit of climate change deniers in this government? >> this is a new approach to prime minister's questions. you come to the house of commons and praise the prime minister for his commitment to climate change. [shouting] i like the new style but i thought -- i think this is much more refreshing. this government has a solid track record of cutting carbon, negotiating internationally, to of investing in nuclear, the biggest renewable energy program that we've seen in our countries history. for the first time in a long, we are on track to meet up renewable target. perhaps he would like to get up again and congratulate me for this excellent record on the environment. [shouting] >> the whole country will have heard he cannot answer the question about whether, about whether you need to believe in man-made climate change to be part of his government. he's gone from think
clean energy source out there. they will not abandon their clean energy. these companies have ways of getting it done. stuart: you are clearly in a celebratory mood. kandi technologies. this is a chinese company. they rent cars, electric cars by that hour and get a government subsidy. you liked it. charles: up 38% from last monday. $14.20. 19.5 now. stuart: thank you, charles. nsa leaker edward snowden will appear from russia via satellite. we are talking technology and snooping. you represent young people. i have to believe that nsa snooping is a real big issue for millennial's like yourself. you do not like this, do you? >> i think that young people look at it like a rockstar. they want to learn more. the government is looking at every single tweet. they are just very interested. i think the aclu chair will be interviewing him. what is really interesting about this is young people look at this as a problem. stuart: exactly right. you do not lean to the right. you are in a different place. libertarians have an extremely important role for the young vote. >> absolutely. right. i th
:00. and by 11:00 p.m., we still think there's going to be just enough energy left that we'll get some showers in san jose. we think it will be adding up, but just not nearly as high as the north bay. so excuse me, let's look at the totals that we can expect. santa rosa, 0.45 of an inch. and back towards palo alto, expecting 0 .09 of an inch. throughout wednesday, the same here, yes, it's going to be cloudy. showers coming our way, but take a look at the temperatures. this is not a cold storm system. we have 70 in san jose, 71 in morgan hill. close to 70 in palo alto. and we will have some humidity in the atmosphere. san francisco 64 and low 60s at the marina. in the north bay, east bay, we have the possibility of showers in napa and santa rosa. for the east bay and for the try valley, temperatures up to about 70 degrees. 68 in walnut creek and 69 in pleasanton. possible record seating heat throughout saturday's forecast. by sunday, lit cool down as another system starts to approach. you'll need those umbrellas by sunday night into monday. but remember to push the clocks forward one hour. even
, other parts of california, too. but it's on the move. all that energy has its target on washington, d.c., parts of west virginia, kentucky. this thing is not just snow, it's sleet and a whole lot of mess. let's get to gio. he'll bring us the rest of the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, ginger, good morning to you from the famous "rocky" steps. you can see these plows working here in philadelphia. we're seeing a mix of snow and sleet here in philly. and all across the nation, an icy mess. take a look. this morning, blinding snow. and pounding sleet. >> talk about sleet coming down. >> reporter: attacking half the nation. from texas to oklahoma -- [ thunder claps ] ground-shaking thunder snow. and this rare sight in norman, oklahoma. thunder sleet lightning. in southern illinois, car windshields transforming into blinding sheets of solid ice. in wichita, kansas, an ice road nightmare. hundreds of weather-related accidents leading to at least eight deaths. in arkansas, this suv losing control and plunging right off a bridge injuring two and killing one. this semi in oklahoma c
fresher tour rolls into miller's hometown pittsburgh, pennsylvania. energy center that show is going to be wild. buffalo, grand rapids, michigan, minneapolis, rapids city, north dakota. on deck, chihuahuas running wild. you may be in danger. martha maccallum is a frightened woman. she will be be here next. it says here that a won's sex drive increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disse. keep hrt-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shreddedheat. doctorrecommend it. iwe don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at >>> back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? we have two stories for you tonight. here to help us out. fox news anchor martha maccallum you see her with hemmer 9:0
of the darlings of the market. >> they will be where? is one name that we like. energy would be a name in terms of a sector play. this energy independent north america is a very good thing for the next 7-10 years. looking at the net states with our natural gas reserves. be fallout from those will significant. manufacturing is improving. there are ideas where the u.s. is globally competitive but are internally focused. the u.s. is a big economy but does not trade a lot. not compared to hong kong or south korea or holland. --e inward focus >> more but consuming pattern. you are looking at stock versus high-yield. they highlighted this inverse correlation we have seen in the s&p and high-yield spread. red shows the lower default risk. the economy gets better, more confidence in stocks, less concern over credit quality. we keep getting new ties in the s&p -- new highs in the s&p. how does this change the investment landscape for the rest of the year? >> wire using this? >> is an improving economy. the liquidity is provided. are being muzzled. they're not the same as stock. almost as volatile, but f
in europe, where, of course, they all dependent on russia for their energy, for less expensive natural gas. so some, including germany, are a little more reluctant to be tough with vladimir putin and to agree to tougher sanctions against russia. he's also trying to encourage ukraine, and he brought with him ukraine's acting foreign minister who i'm told recently was one of the protesters in the square. he himself, now he's the acting foreign minister and leading this young transitional group, trying to stand against russia. so what kerry is trying to do by bringing him here to paris is elevate him to give him legitimacy and help him stand up to russia and also help persuade his colleagues that they should avoid any military confrontation that would give putin a pretex to move further into ukraine. and frankly, that is what u.s. officials think is really putin's end game. they believe he does want to take over ukraine. that this is part of his grand vision to re-create what was lost with the end of the soviet union, to re-create a russian federation that is really an empire. they don't know
enforcement agency. their work should be obvious. the energy department which is where my security clearance currently resides which looks after nuclear matters and energy matters. we also have each of the five armed forces as its own intelligence branch. you put all that together and it comes up to 16 of them. the problem were the silos. we learned from 9/11 that all that intelligence was there but never brought together. when you retrospectively look back and see all the clues, all the pieces were there and they never were put into a coherent whole. we needed integrated intelligence on a more practical level. i have a friend who went to graduate school. he was a commander of a submarine. he was given an order to go photograph a brand-new ship from a hostile country. he went into shallow water, took great risks, took some photographs. he was able to escape and come out. when you think you have many people lives in your hands and you take that kind of risk. he later transferred to the national security council and was working on things when this particular question came up. they looked at th
to change the energy pricing system and they said that they were going to cut capacity in some of the more polluting industries, such as cement and steel. all of this is in recognition that something has to be done to clean up the wreckage after growth. >> markets affecting larger parts of china and environmental pollution has become a major problem, which is nature's red light warning against the model of inefficient and blind development. we must strengthen the economic environment and resolve to take forceful measures to complete this challenging task. >> now, we heard the announcements from before and there are many people who are worried about whether or not the government at the end of the day is really going to be willing to sacrifice growth in order to try to push through some of these reforms and address some of on these issues, not only on pollution, but also on debt. in terms of pollution, people are saying that if you really want to shut down a lot of these factory webs you could end up with a lot of workers who don't have any place to go. that is one of the main concerns that
. we had some breaking news from the energy information administration that basically gave us a new number for end of the year storage. the u.s. is now going to be able to store 4.332 trillion cubic feet of natural gas at the end of the retail season, usually october and november. that is where we have a backup supply if we have a very cold winter and after this winter, traders are wondering if that is going to be enough. look what happened this winter. temperatures have been very cold, storage has fallen to 1.333 trillion cubic feet. a lot of traders, they fall below the two bid seat at the end of march we might not be able to get back to -- that is the big debate in the market. that led the market is so sensitive to the weather, big spikes we're seeing up and down. once again getting cold temperatures, traders worry we won't hit that number and we're back up today. cheryl: thank you. adam: banker to baker, my next guest list left of the i stress world finance to found a bakery with the confident name. the owner of stud muffin desserts, any bonus you ever got at merrill or morgan s
enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ >> what does dissent in russia look like these days? we're going to show you a coup of examples of that next. and we'll include the example of that anchorwoman in russia who said she objects to the invasion of crimea. vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water and castles were houses dragons lurked, giants stood tall, and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real. avo: whatever you can imagine, all in one place. expedia, find yours. take because you can't beating for zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. ♪ see what's new at >> look what happens to a simple political blogger who investigates government corruption. meet alexi novali. he was four hours late to our interview because he was interviewed by the russian investiga
, alternative energy, and cyber security. he is as slated to visit apple, and mountain view's whatsapp. >>> only on 2, marshawn lynch on winning the super bowl. tonight, the oakland native met withamber lee. he opened up about his passion away from football. >> reporter: frank, tonight, we spoke with the football player, where he attended high school, and where he still lives in the off-season. he is most comfortable back in oakland, where he was born and raised. he tells me, growing up in north oakland prepared him for life, both on and off the football field. >> 5 years old. having some of your home boys getting killed at that age, you know, it prepares you for a lot. >> reporter: lynch says he's alive today only by the grace of god. seeing a world beyond oakland when he plays for the cal bears, was an eye opener. >> that the world is bigger than the 580, and the 880. >> reporter: to help oakland kids from a similar underprivileged background. lynch holds a football camp for them every july. his message? playing professional sports is only attainable by a few. but dreams of success in other ar
and so, as that is what we are going to urge you to do and with all of our energies we are going to keep on this case. we simply cannot spend years negotiating treaties, the treaty partner pokes holes in them. allow the courts in switzerland to interpret their value away or minimize their value, to watch people we go after the provided the kind of immunity we have provided to them without insisting that we get the names from the banks we are providing amnesty to. all about the names, not about the hints. it is not about the treasure hunt. it is the treasure hunt. the treasure is the money that belongs to the u.s. government. i use the word treasure hunt in two ways. one way, it is what we can't do, be diverted to a hunt with clues. in some sense it is a treasure hunt and if we win the treasure that is owed to uncle sam we are going to need a very aggressive department of justice and irs. we thank you both, thank you for your service, your work for our government. we urge you on with greater strength and we would ask you to keep informed of the ways the we requested. >> thank you
or the naaqs provisions do? i mean, you're dealing with regulation of energy usage, right, as opposed to emissions of lead, emissions of the other naaqs provisions? >> well it's one thing we're doing the main thing now is significant energy efficiency, for example, different kinds of turbines. different kinds of processes, that sort of thing. that's right. >> the same sort of thing as with, for domestic uses, the energy-efficient light bulbs? >> well, i really don't think this is about light bulbs, mr. chief justice. >> no, but my point is it relates to energy consumption as opposed to particulate emission. >> at the at the moment that's largely true, not entirely true. there are some other technologies described. but of course the epa is considering and scientists are trying to develop additional control technologies like carbon capture technologies. and that's the whole point of best available control technology, is as technology advances and better options come online, that allow for even greater control of the pollutants, the statute requires that they be incorporated. that's how
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to be a balance between the amount of energy you take in and the amount of energy that you expend, and we all need to move more, but we also need to control the amount of fat and sugar in our diet. professor snelling teaches at american university, undergraduate and graduate classes, on some of these topics that we have been covering this morning on the "washington journal." we have mentioned obesity rates a bit this morning. help us understand where we are. the two headlines that my confusion -- that might confuse viewers. a recent gallup poll -- u.s. obesity rates tick up to 27.1% in 2013. then here is a fox news story that says a new study shows a 43% job in obesity rates in young children ages 2 to 5. where are we really? guest: in the past 20 years, the obesity epidemic has been part of our culture. we are seeing certain age groups -- it is sad to think that we are talking about obesity rates in 2 to 5-year-old children. this is a preschooler. whether it is in a childcare setting or an apparent -- or in their parents' home. said it did by fox, drop, but we still have a long way to go because
but maybe it will tell us about being able to store energy in solar cells completely revolutionizing this industry. stuart: if you get a battery that holds a lot of power and runs a couple hundred miles on your car you just won the electric car world. if you say anything like that you won get all. that is why the stock is above 254260. 254, we will take that. su lily, the amazon for moms. it is rallying for the third day in a row. -pcome on, tell me why. nicole: this is a stock that people probably weren't falling so closely until this week. this stock today was up 12% which is double the sale, $22 idea. this is ecommerce. you go to the internet for moms and kids and they have apparel and home goods, double their sales, stock is 12%, is that 70%. stuart: we call it amazon for moms. charles: momentum is growing. stuart: dow jones industrial average up 25 points. janet yellen is telling the senate banking committee economic conditions have changed since the last appearance before the house a couple weeks ago. economy could be weaker because of the weather. doesn't know how much weaker
prime subscribers. the stock is up. monster beverage, they make energy drinks. people love them. sales update. so our profits. the stock is up 5%. a big loser, dekkers. good profits last quarter. that outlook for the next quarter. the real halftime report is next. ♪ predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do. but, manufacturing in the united states means advanced technology. we learned that technolo allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. e technology is acally creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done. stuart: time for that real halftime report. joining us from chicago, larry levin, the new york stock exchange, nicole petallides, sitting side-by-side charles payne and sandra smith. is this 1999 all over again? >> i really do not think that it is, stuart. u.s. companies doing really well. that is the big difference. u.s. corporations are doing quite well. i do not want to say it is the opposite of 1999, but certainly a much different situation
. this is a rule that is widely controversial. it has to be given the time, energy, and money, but you tinue to pursue it, but there isn't enough money to answer the phones. i know we hear from time to time the argument is if you give the irs more money, they will collect more revenue. the argument is if you give the irs one dollar, you will get back four dollars or five dollars and maybe six dollars in revenue. if you do not give the irs money, the revenues will go down. it makes sense to say if you develop irs, it sounds like it -- if you give the irs money, sound like it makes sense. but there's no evidence that is true. often times, the opposite is true. the appropriations was increased with the irs and the collections went down. obviously there are other factors than just how much money the irs got. you got to look at inflation and population and tax policy. a lot of different fact race. last year in 2013, that was the best year ever. trillion.ed $2.8 that was at a time when the sequester was going on. there is less money for the irs to have. all i have to say is i do not necessarily be
the caffeinated energy drinks. >> have you had that stuff? >> well, you are in pluto in a nano second. >> and you are banned from having one. >> he had one in the commercial. >> if i one have now, i won't fall asleep up till sunday night. that stuff is good. drink it. >> oh, no. >> and you did spelunk, and joseph a. bank and abrams. >> well, it is interesting in light of the not large deal, but with we see so few hostiles out there at this point, it is intere interesting to follow the back and forth on joseph a. bank. i don't know if we have the graphics ready that we like to put together. all right. anybody want to say anything in my ear and let me know whether that is the case. >> what happened to the great eddie bauer idea? >> well, it is out there, and in fact, joseph a. bank, and do it here if they decide to engage or reject 63.50 from men's warehouse, and to engage, and then they put out a press release this morning, great, we are ready to engage. and a number of people are more positive on the prospects that you will get a potential deal here, and having spoken to any number of riskarbs an
together the energy and the thoroughness with which the committee has taken great pains and sensitivity regarding the they say they can perform simple maintenance, it is very reliable aircraft, but there have been a lot of questions in the general press about the appropriateness of using the ch47d in this ,ntrance -- in this instance very tight mountains of the northern and there, it widens given the south, but aggregate circumstances here, was this an appropriate aircraft something was the that was thrown together as a last minute because that allegation has been out there as well. >> thank you, sir. this was the appropriate aircraft for this mission. the choice of this aircraft was tactically sound. other aircraft may have been used, but what could not have been used and has been questioned was the black hawk. one of the issues with the war in afghanistan is the elevations in the mountains and nation of helicopter, which frankly in my career we did not use extensively in other conflicts or even in iraq in the first and in sector time -- second time, we use mostly, and that is because
of the energy is residing here. there's still a possibility of thunderstorms over the monterrey area. this is going to continue to the south and east. if you watch the way it flows, you can see how we're still within that band. as this continues to move south and east it will take the rain with it. for the next few hours we'll begin to see it taper off. for the second half of date we're dry. take a look. we're into 10:00, by noontime, partly cloudy skies in the forecast. we'll remain for just that chance the entire afternoon. notice we still have sprinkles popping up into sunset. we have the possibility of just a light shower, here and there, that should be about it. in the 60s today, 61 san francisco and 63 in vallejo, it's always in view. just a slight chance at a few scattered showers. i'll be tracking that for you. temperaturewise it will not change a lot. we're mostly cloudy and tuesday mostly cloudy and more rain in the forecast, at least the possibility coming by midweek wednesday. i'll show you those rainfall totals, they'll be coming up in a few minutes. >> the hike in the t
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